Victory in the Darkness


Facelifted from Isenia Juarez on Facebook because this is something that is VERY REAL!!! PRAY if you are experiencing a spiritual attack, but, remember that satan & the demons know they have to flee in the power and authority of the name of Jesus Christ! Say the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and they must flee!


I believe God prepared me for just such spiritual warfare. It almost seemed silly, but, one night I dreamed I was on a bus with a group of friends traveling to a Christian Women’s Club Conference (Stonecroft Ministries). However, we found out there was also a group of satan worshipers on the bus with us! When we arrived we learned that the 2 groups were meeting in rooms that backed up to each other. In my dream, I was one of the speakers, but, before we began the program, I felt compelled to go across to the stage for the other group. I went straight to the microphone and said, “There is Power in the Name of Jesus!” I told my Bible study group about the dream the next day and for Christmas that year, one of my friends gave me a hoop with those words embroidered on it.  I believe God was preparing me for spiritual warfare that I would need.

About a year later, at the end of my marriage, when my husband was working as a consultant out of state for 8 months, I had 2 experiences for which I believe God had prepared me. The first time, late at night, I awoke and sensed an evil presence at the foot of my bed. I called out to Jesus and it was gone. The 2nd time, in the middle of the night, I awoke feeling like I was in a dark box and could not see, move or even speak. All I did was ‘think’ JESUS’ name and immediately I was free!

Not long after that, my husband told me he had been having an affair and eventually left. As the man of the house, he was the ‘covering’ over our household. so, I believe, his disobedience opened a spiritual gate into our home. I believe that because after we divorced I never had anything like that again. I do not mean to imply I did not commit sins that placed me and my children vulnerable to oppression or attack. Regrettably, far from it. I just think the enemy used different avenues to create fear or disobedience or anger or unforgiveness or whatever weakness caused interference with my/my children’s relationship with God or others who are witnessing how we are living as a Christian. The enemy’s especially pleased when we feel guilty or have broken relationships. The enemy isn’t original…”…there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

Christians have been given authority to resist and cast out demons in Jesus’ name which basically means to Command any evil spirit to leave you alone and go into the abyss, never to return! IN JESUS’ NAME! However, it’s important to remember that all forms of disobedience and unforgiveness open the door to demonic oppression. NOT demonic possession because if you have accepted Jesus as Lord & Savior you Belong to Christ! However, the enemy of your soul can oppress you with lies to torment you and cause fear because of your sin (For all people have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Romans 8:23) UN-CONFESSED SIN causes ‘holes’ in your armor by opening a spiritual gate and giving permission to evil spirits to harass you. But Be Assured, NevertheLESS, you can cancel that permission by confessing to God! “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”.I John 1:9


Re-direction not Rejection!


It’s so amazing and such an epiphany to discover this in hindsight! It’s the experiences that broke my heart and made me cry a river of tears in deep grieving that have become the testimony of God’s Amazing Grace & Unfailing Love!

Rich in Health & Family


Family, Time, Health
Those words sparked a fire in my spirit! In spite of my limited mobility, I consider myself healthy! I feel great 99% of the time! Sure MS slows me down and frustrates me, but, most of my ‘handicaps’ are caused by other people’s opinions and attitudes not mine! I have MS, MS does not have me! I crave inspiration and always have! It’s a gift that what inspires and uplifts me does so for others too! I’m so grateful that Facebook connects me with a wealth of friends and inspiration and ideas to share and an avenue on which to express them! Now I’ve decided to let them overflow onto my blog!

My main problem was employers that discontinued my teaching contract as soon as they found out I was diagnosed with MS or I probably would still be teaching school today.I found a lawyer that agreed to represent me in a mediation with the school district. They offered me $2500. Maybe I should have taken it but I believed I had been fired unjustly. The EEOC, due to the ADA, agreed I was fired in prejudice of my MS. However, the lawyer who didn’t charge me anything for the mediation, would not agree to represent me unless I could give her $5000. I was never able to find a lawyer who would represent me on a contingency and I couldn’t afford one otherwise so I had no other choice but to let it go.

However, God has a strategically ordered plan for my life and the last 13 years since I was in the classroom have been filled with priceless experiences. For example, I became a stay at home mom with my youngest, my daughter, from 8th grade through high school. As a result I was able to take her to and from school each day. On 9/11/01 I took her to school and arrived back home to see the 2nd plane hit the tower. On that emotional day I was able to pick her up in the aftermath and be there when my son drove home from high school that day and speak to my oldest son from college. Just one of the many reasons I know God planned for me, a single mom, to be home full time and even though we had to make it on a fraction of my previous income, He, El Shaddai, the All Sufficient One. made sure we always had what we needed. He is in control and what the enemy “intended to harm me, but God intended it for good.” Genesis 50:20

The Power of a Blessing



This is a powerful example of why and how Jesus taught that you will reap what you sow. Galatians 6:7

When I taught with some very rude co-workers my students asked me why I was nice to them when they were so mean to me. I told them because my behavior reflects what kind of person I am and if I didn’t like the way they treated me why would I treat ‘them’ that way.That group of kids I had that year (4th & 5th grade combo class) had experienced a lot of bad treatment both at school and at home. When those same teachers would yell undeservedly at my students I would hug them and tell them that I know how that made them feel and if they saw that happen to a friend that a hug can help. Upon retrospect I realized that’s why God put me in that situation that year and why He gave me those words to say to them.



I was 7 yrs. old and in second grade at Hot Wells Elementary. We were at recess on the playground when a kid came up and told us. Just the day before, my Mother had kept me home so she could take me and my 5 yr old brother to see him driving by when he was in San Antonio! We didn’t want to believe it was true.Then when we went inside our teacher, Mrs. Keller, told the class. Even so young we were so stunned and sad.734450_270021683122492_400229216_n

New Doors!


New Doors!

Thursday we were blessed with the installation of these badly needed doors. El Shaddai, the ‘All Sufficient One’ has provided for us in many ways over the years, but, I never even thought to pray for new doors. However, as He knows our needs and desires “…far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” Ephesians 3:20 He moved the heart of a special Christian sister to bless us with these beautiful doors. God uses His people mightily when they are in tune with the Holy Spirit! Our hearts are overflowing with Love and Gratitude!   As our dear friend insisted it was God’s provision that made this possible!

To God Be the Glory!

We Thank God for Blessing us with Such Special Friends!

Easter Birthday


What a Blessed Birthday! Thank you for the love, blessing and warmth of all my birthday greetings from my Facebook friends and family! First thing this morning the best brother in the world, John Hamilton called me with a loving birthday wish! Then my precious children, John Carson & Ann Marie Carson took me to Easter Service at CBC & out to lunch afterwards. Then when we got back home I got a special surprise! Chris Carson & Sarah Lou Carson came driving up! I thought they were in Houston for the weekend but after spending part of the weekend with precious family there, they drove back to surprise me! We’ve all gone through so much over the years, good and bad, but above all, in spite of all, we all love each other very much. They are the best gifts God has ever given me and they love me in spite of all my flaws and disabilities.

On Easter we are reminded that Jesus sacrificed His life to pay for all our sins & God ‘s Amazing Resurrection Power demonstrated that The Cross is Enough to Set us Free to Love and Live in Hope & Victory in spite of the challenges of this fallen world. We celebrate His Victory over Death on Easter and as I celebrate the end of my 57th year on this day I thank God for making me the mother of John, Chris and Ann Marie. However, my prayer as I begin my 58th year is that God make it possible for me to give them more freedom from taking care of me. Thank you for another new year. Guide us and protect us. Be Glorified in my life.

Collins Cousins Having Fun!


Collins Cousins2 - CopyCollins CousinsWENDY
I had such a special weekend! My cousins Wendy Collins and Kathleen Ann Hawsey picked me up Friday for a ‘girls’ night out’ and the best part was we talked for hours catching up for too many years apart! Then Saturday we met cousins Mandy Colliins & Gloria Collins at Sea Island at The Forum and they surprised me with an early birthday celebration. Wendy, Kathy & I finished up with more hours of talking. I have the sweetest cousins and the most fun cousins too! Most of all I was reminded what strong, loving women & amazing mothers (and all that that entails!) they are in spite of…or maybe because of…the storms of life and their Faith & Relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ! I am so blessed to have them in my life. My heart overflows with love for them!



12-12-12 is an especially important day to me! Today is my son, Chris’ 26th Birthday!!!! The night before the sonogram that confirmed I was going to have a ‘boy’, I called my Daddy, Damon. I told him I thought the baby was a boy. He said he thought so too. I told him the boy’s name we had chosen was Christopher Damon. He said, “If I had known that, I would have wanted a boy the whole time!”

On December 11, 1986, the night before Chris was born, my neighbor & special friend, a neonatal nurse, Paula hosted a Baby Shower for me. She prepared gourmet refreshments including caviar! As we enjoyed the delicious food, Paula noticed I kept touching my stomach. I thought I was having braxton-hicks contractions. Because of my previous emergency c-section in 1985, I had been told I wasn’t supposed to go into active labor. I was scheduled for a c-section on December 14th before my December 28th due date. However, as we visited at the end of the evening, she told me I had been having regular contractions, 2 1/2 minutes apart! The weather that night was icy, so I was concerned about driving to the hospital in that weather. Paula told me if I would go home and lay down the contractions would probably stop. I was so silly about my mother-in-law seeing anything out of order that I finished washing a frying pan in the sink at home and went to bed. The contractions stopped to my relief! However, the contractions woke me when they resumed about 7:00 AM. We called the doctor and he told me to come to the hospital. Paula had told me if we needed to go to the hospital she would keep 4 yr. old John for us till my Dad & Carl’s parents could meet her at the hospital later.

When Chris was born it was an especially joyous day as he was born 13 months after my Mother & Baby Catherine went to Heaven. The whole time I was pregnant I kept “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4” on my dresser mirror. I prayed this scripture knowing God knew I had a deep desire to have a brother or sister for 4 yr. old, John Carson. Hearing Chris’ cry that morning at 10:05 AM was a beautiful sound!

Chris had 2 1/2 years as the only little brother before he and John became Big Brothers to Ann Marie!♥

Dr. Mark Paine, with John, Chris & Ann Marie

Teachers, Don’t Make Classroom Rules More Important Than Students’ Spirits!


Teachers need to understand this about the perspective of many of their students!

As a Single Mom & a Teacher I’ll never forget when my son, Chris, was in the 4th grade. Right after the tardy bell he came to my classroom all stressed out! In the regular flurry to get 3 kids to class and prepare to teach, his ‘folder’ had not received the daily parent signature his teacher required of all the students if they didn’t want to walk ‘laps’ at recess! Even more, Chris was the kind of kid, like most are, who dreaded his teacher’s disapproval! He had asked to go to the restroom and came to my room for his folder.

I felt awful because I was the one who didn’t sign and what’s more the folder ended up in my teacher’s bag! I told him I would explain and walk him back to class and arranged for my class. We walked down the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs right by the door to his classroom, he stopped and told me that his teacher still would get ‘mad’! I will never forget what he did next. He sat down on the stairs and looked up to heaven and said, “Jesus, please come back now so I don’t have to go back in the classroom!”

I wanted to cry! I hugged him and reassured him that it would be okay. I know he and I survived that and I don’t fully remember what happened although I’m sure he does! Both of my boys survived 4th grade in her room. She was an excellent teacher in spite of her strict legalistic approach to classroom management. It was difficult to balance being ‘co-worker’ and ‘parent of student’ and we had our unfortunate clashes due to the difference in our personality. However, we learned in that ‘sandpaper’ experience and grew as sisters-in-Christ.

Never-the-LESS, this incident made me more sensitive to both my students & their parents as this daily ‘parent signature’ routine was school-wide. As a result of this experience, my perspective as a teacher on classroom management and expectations changed; as well as a parent! I evaluated the goals of routines and responsibilities given to my students and my children too.

I’m thankful that my Lord Jesus balances His Expectations & Consequences with Mercy & Grace.