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Angels Watching Over You


I know dressing up in costumes and getting candy is fun for kids (and grown-ups!). I used to let my kids dress up and go trick or treating when they were growing up. My favorites were church-sponsored with a Noah’s Ark theme and when the kids were older the church had food and games and a video with Carman’s ‘The Champion’ focusing on the final spiritual battle between Jesus and satan. I have read so much and heard so many speakers in the Christian community about child sacrifices on Halloween etc which makes it very difficult to appreciate Halloween. One of the most eye-opening messages I heard on K-Love was an interview with a self-described former ‘priestess’ in the church of satan. She described how she was searching for a child to sacrifice at the Halloween ceremony. She told of a little girl she had focused on, but, every time she got near her she felt a force shoving her away! After, she became a Christian she learned that the little girl was part of a Christian family and they prayed for her protection daily. She believes it was angels who protected that child!

After my divorce I had to go back to work as a teacher and for the first 4 years I was blessed to teach at the same school my children attended so we came and went to school together each day. However, when our situation changed the hardest part was when I couldn’t pick them up and they were in 3 different schools. The boys took the bus to and fro and my daughter walked home alone. During Halloween week after hearing that interview it was even more painful and I prayed constantly for her safety and got home as soon as I could! God was faithful though, as neighbors picking up their own children gave her rides and welcomed her into their homes until her brothers and I could get home!

When Frank Peretti’s novel, “This Present Darkness”, came out, I rarely read fiction so I wasn’t interested in reading it. However, on one of my many visits to the ‘The Shepherd’s Shoppe’, I overheard someone commenting on the display for the book and the lady behind the cash register said, “It makes you think about what happens when you pray and what happens when you don’t!” That touched my heart and I bought it and read it. My experience about that day already made me wary of going beyond walking distance on that day, but, reading this book gave me a new perspective. She was absolutely right! My prayer today is that the Father will Cover all those out and about, with protection and Ministering Angels! To God Be the Glory!


Victory in the Darkness


Facelifted from Isenia Juarez on Facebook because this is something that is VERY REAL!!! PRAY if you are experiencing a spiritual attack, but, remember that satan & the demons know they have to flee in the power and authority of the name of Jesus Christ! Say the name of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and they must flee!


I believe God prepared me for just such spiritual warfare. It almost seemed silly, but, one night I dreamed I was on a bus with a group of friends traveling to a Christian Women’s Club Conference (Stonecroft Ministries). However, we found out there was also a group of satan worshipers on the bus with us! When we arrived we learned that the 2 groups were meeting in rooms that backed up to each other. In my dream, I was one of the speakers, but, before we began the program, I felt compelled to go across to the stage for the other group. I went straight to the microphone and said, “There is Power in the Name of Jesus!” I told my Bible study group about the dream the next day and for Christmas that year, one of my friends gave me a hoop with those words embroidered on it.  I believe God was preparing me for spiritual warfare that I would need.

About a year later, at the end of my marriage, when my husband was working as a consultant out of state for 8 months, I had 2 experiences for which I believe God had prepared me. The first time, late at night, I awoke and sensed an evil presence at the foot of my bed. I called out to Jesus and it was gone. The 2nd time, in the middle of the night, I awoke feeling like I was in a dark box and could not see, move or even speak. All I did was ‘think’ JESUS’ name and immediately I was free!

Not long after that, my husband told me he had been having an affair and eventually left. As the man of the house, he was the ‘covering’ over our household. so, I believe, his disobedience opened a spiritual gate into our home. I believe that because after we divorced I never had anything like that again. I do not mean to imply I did not commit sins that placed me and my children vulnerable to oppression or attack. Regrettably, far from it. I just think the enemy used different avenues to create fear or disobedience or anger or unforgiveness or whatever weakness caused interference with my/my children’s relationship with God or others who are witnessing how we are living as a Christian. The enemy’s especially pleased when we feel guilty or have broken relationships. The enemy isn’t original…”…there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

Christians have been given authority to resist and cast out demons in Jesus’ name which basically means to Command any evil spirit to leave you alone and go into the abyss, never to return! IN JESUS’ NAME! However, it’s important to remember that all forms of disobedience and unforgiveness open the door to demonic oppression. NOT demonic possession because if you have accepted Jesus as Lord & Savior you Belong to Christ! However, the enemy of your soul can oppress you with lies to torment you and cause fear because of your sin (For all people have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. Romans 8:23) UN-CONFESSED SIN causes ‘holes’ in your armor by opening a spiritual gate and giving permission to evil spirits to harass you. But Be Assured, NevertheLESS, you can cancel that permission by confessing to God! “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”.I John 1:9