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Angels Watching Over You


I know dressing up in costumes and getting candy is fun for kids (and grown-ups!). I used to let my kids dress up and go trick or treating when they were growing up. My favorites were church-sponsored with a Noah’s Ark theme and when the kids were older the church had food and games and a video with Carman’s ‘The Champion’ focusing on the final spiritual battle between Jesus and satan. I have read so much and heard so many speakers in the Christian community about child sacrifices on Halloween etc which makes it very difficult to appreciate Halloween. One of the most eye-opening messages I heard on K-Love was an interview with a self-described former ‘priestess’ in the church of satan. She described how she was searching for a child to sacrifice at the Halloween ceremony. She told of a little girl she had focused on, but, every time she got near her she felt a force shoving her away! After, she became a Christian she learned that the little girl was part of a Christian family and they prayed for her protection daily. She believes it was angels who protected that child!

After my divorce I had to go back to work as a teacher and for the first 4 years I was blessed to teach at the same school my children attended so we came and went to school together each day. However, when our situation changed the hardest part was when I couldn’t pick them up and they were in 3 different schools. The boys took the bus to and fro and my daughter walked home alone. During Halloween week after hearing that interview it was even more painful and I prayed constantly for her safety and got home as soon as I could! God was faithful though, as neighbors picking up their own children gave her rides and welcomed her into their homes until her brothers and I could get home!

When Frank Peretti’s novel, “This Present Darkness”, came out, I rarely read fiction so I wasn’t interested in reading it. However, on one of my many visits to the ‘The Shepherd’s Shoppe’, I overheard someone commenting on the display for the book and the lady behind the cash register said, “It makes you think about what happens when you pray and what happens when you don’t!” That touched my heart and I bought it and read it. My experience about that day already made me wary of going beyond walking distance on that day, but, reading this book gave me a new perspective. She was absolutely right! My prayer today is that the Father will Cover all those out and about, with protection and Ministering Angels! To God Be the Glory!


Praise to the Nurses!

My Mom ~ Mary Ann Hamilton

My Mom ~ Mary Ann Hamilton

Did you hear about what Joy Behar said about Nurses on the View? I heard about this several times, but I heard about it backwards first, when Joy made some clearly half-hearted, flimsy, facsimile of an apology on the air. Then I heard more about it when Dr. Oz interviewed Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, on his show. He even highlighted the value of nurses with an audience of nurses, including the nurses he works along side of in and out of cardiac surgery. Then he made it a point to announce he was adding a nurse to his show! However, today when I read this letter in response, I learned the full story. Kateri Allard articulates her response in such a gracious, intelligent manner she deserves a standing ovation.

An Open Letter to Joy Behar – According to Katari

Why did I have such an emotional response to the letter about nurses? My Mother, Mary Ann Hamilton was a nurse. She wanted to go to college after high school. However, her father refused to let her even talk about it. That same father, she told me, only told her he loved her once, on her wedding day when at age 19 she married my Daddy, Damon Hamilton. I was born 11 1/2 months later. By the time she was 22 she had 2 kids and spent the next 16 years being a devoted, full time wife and mother.

However, she never lost the dream of college. When I turned 16 she started college. By the time I started college she was in Nursing school at the U.T. Health Science center. I was in college at U.T. Austin. When she couldn’t find a book in San Antonio, I would find it in Austin and check it out and bring it home for her. By the time she was a junior, I had transferred to U.T.S.A. On weekends I would use the ‘fancy’ electric typewriter I got for high school graduation and put my 2 years of high school typing class to good use, typing her 90 page research papers as she wrote them long hand. She graduated at age 40 with her B.S. in Nursing with honors and we all watched her get her diploma as the first person in the family to go to college.

After working so hard to get her degree, she was eager to work. She worked swing shifts for 2 years at the V.A. Hospital. She worked 1 year at St. Benedict’s Hospice and 1 year with the Metropolitan Health District with prenatal and well baby clinics. Then she went to work for the Visiting Nurse’s Association with United Way. She had so many amazing experiences in those 7 years and touched so many lives.. It seemed that she knew her time was limited, as in October, 1983, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and in November, 1985 she went to heaven. Never-the-Less, I will always have the highest regard for Nurses. Nurses are often portrayed as ministering angels and I agree they are definitely very special ministers.