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Memories on 9/11 ~ Where Was God?


Learning to Live by His Design

I had just dropped off my daughter, Ann Marie, age 12, at Tejeda Middle School. I came home and sat down to watch the Today show. Matt Lauer & Katie Couric were reporting that a plane had hit the North tower and were pondering ‘live’ as so many did that it was probably a small plane and an accident. I, like so many, was riveted to the screen. As we watched the smoke and flames in horror and shock we saw the 2nd plane fly into the South tower! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as the events unfolded and became more and more horrifying. The only time I left the living room watching all that was happening was to attend my water aerobics class at Healthlink. Usually we had music on as the physical therapist guided us through the class but that day she had the television on…

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