Encouraging Aunt Dorothy



From the time I was a little girl my Aunt Dorothy has been sending me inspiring words in letters, cards and books that inspired me into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. She sent my brother and I a Children’s Bible that fed my love of God’s Word at a young age. She sparked my lifelong love of beautiful words, inspirational quotes and poetry with small beautiful books that I always kept in my bedside table with my Bible. It started a lifetime habit of a quiet time of meditation in my bed. It has given me a sweet sense of worship, encouragement and security that has carried me through the challenges of life and kept me centered and focused on God before I had even begun to understand the magnitude of His Love, Grace and Guidance in my life. For that I will always be eternally grateful.

She has continued in this in so many ways through my life. My Mother, her dear sister-in-law, loved her so much too and after she passed away in 1985, Aunt Dorothy has done so many thoughtful things to fill her absence in my life. Most recently, in 2008, when a bad drug interaction in managing my MS symptoms put me in the hospital and subsequent physical therapy rehabilitation for a month, Aunt Dorothy and my sweet cousin, Mandy, brought me everything a ‘girl’ could need including a lovely throw for my hospital bed that made my stay so much more comfortable and peaceful and sweet phone calls too just like my own Mother would have done! My in-town kids, John & Ann Marie, took amazing care of me and yet Dorothy and Mandy did everything they could to help ‘them’ too, even coming to San Antonio from New Braunfels to clean and decorate my house for my home-coming. They even arranged candles and hung a beautiful print over my couch with an “All is Well with My Soul” message and lovely throw over my couch. As long as they were able, they came periodically to visit and shower me with goodies and gifts even for my birthday.

Now it’s my Aunt Dorothy that needs encouragement as she battles excruciating back pain and recent back surgery. It agonizes me to hear of her pain and not be able to drive or visit her myself, so, I’m using the postal service to carry my thoughts and prayers to her. I’m searching for things to send to her to encourage and soothe her and remind her of our Lord’s love and faithfulness. May God guide me in this and may my prayers carry relief, healing and restoration in Christ to her bedside! Please join me in praying for her and her family too as they care for her!

~And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28 (NLT)

Update: In December we learned that Dorothy had actually been suffering from bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma). She passed away January 12, 2011. She now walks with Jesus in heaven free from the pain, suffering and sadness of this fallen world. Thank you Lord for giving her to us for a season. Her children and granddaughter are a perfect reflection of her legacy of kindness, thoughtfulness and her abiding love for Christ. To God be the Glory.


About Debbie Hamilton Carson

Single Mom with Three Adult Kidss and their Signifcant Others, and One Amazing Grandson! I am a Disciple of Jesus Christ, Educator and Lifelong Learner. Because of MS, I'm mostly homebound, but, by God's Grace, my boundaries are wide open! My circumstances could have kept me somewhat isolated, yet, via the World Wide Web (ie. Facebook, email, blog, Community Bible Online Church & Zoom Bible studies) has allowed me to develop & maintain relationships with many interesting people and I continue to grow & learn as a person & a child of God. As in the prayer of Jabez, God has expanded my boundaries! "Jabez called out to the God of Israel, “If only you would greatly bless me and expand my territory! May your hand be with me! Keep me from harm so I might not endure pain!” I Chronicles 4:10 NET version. God answered my prayer as I claimed that. I originally started this to share with my kids. However, it has also become an avenue for me to share my life and the ways God is teaching me by His Design and for any grandchildren to come! Scripture says "Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born will praise GOD:" Psalm 102:18-22(The Message) ♥

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